QR Codes to…

Improve Guest Experience…

while erasing unwanted nuisance calls

Tired of answering calls from guests to answer questions about devices in your properties? The solution is simple!

How does QR4VR work?

Step 1

A guest needs help operating a device, fixture or appliance in your rental property.

This time, it is a new coffee machine the owner added to the unit.

QR Code Scan
Step 2

The guest scans the QR Code placed near the item in question.

Codes come in a variety sizes, shapes and can be customized to your brand. They can be vertical or suface mounted.

Step 3

An explainer video launches on the guest’s device with detailed instructions on how to operate the item.

Strep 4

You don’t receive a call and concentrate on running your business.

Limit the number of help calls you have to answer on a regular basis

Who creates the video?

The set up and operation of QR4VR codes is super simple. We provide you with a number of QR codes. Install the QR4VR app on your phone or device and scan any code with your phones camera.

You’ll be prompted to label the code so you know which code is assigned to what item. After that you’ll be prompted to record a short explainer video for the item in question.

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